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Need a Spanish-English or an English-Spanish translator? We are a professional network of native speaking bilingual Spanish-English and English-Spanish translators with years of experience serving businesses and individuals worldwide by offering accurate Spanish language translations of all types. Our translation team can respond quickly and effectively to your Spanish translation needs: we do both Iberian and Latin American Spanish. Additionally, we also do Galician, Catalan and Portuguese translations. Based in Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona (Spain), Houston, Texas and San Diego, California (USA), Mexico City (Mexico), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and in Buenos Aires (Argentina), among other places, we strive to provide high-quality Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation of all types by employing highly qualified native-speaking Spanish-English and English-Spanish translators. We offer professional Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation services to clients worldwide in the format of their choice. We do legal, medical, technical, marketing, as well as general text English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations. Our emphasis has always been on delivering professional quality results at the right price – in almost any subject. Rates are normally 0.09 € in the translated text (target) for Spanish-English translations, 0.10 € per word for English-Spanish translations, but will depend on the degree of complexity of the text, the type of formatting and the desired turnaround time of the translation. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding price quote (entirely free of charge) – preferably by emailing us your document files to: info@spraakservice.net. For more info simply call us on (+47) 22 222 773. We can also receive fax transmissions via the Internet using a Reno, Nevada based fax number: (+1) 775 854 1858. We pride ourselves in our technical skill and expertise, as well as in the high standards of our work. We also provide accurate Spanish translations in a number of other languages. Whatever your document, Spanish-English Text Solutions should always be your best bet on the Net! We work in close cooperation with contributing translators of other languages and partner agencies, so if you require a translation that is not to or from the Spanish language, or one in a language combination that you cannot find on the list, do not hesitate to contact our main office in Oslo, Norway.     ESPANOL

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